Information about pure Garcinia fruit and its usage

The specific origin of Garcinia Cambogia is Indonesia and the fruit is native to other regions such as Asia, Australia, Southern and tropical Africa. Ever since, it has been proved, the fruit can lead to weight lose, people are more curious to know about it. The fruit which is grown only in a few regions in the world are now in greater demand. For centuries, they were grown to be sold as a curry supplement and as a remedy for occupational therapy. Today, it has changed and they are mainly aimed by dieters for losing weight.

How it is prepared

Garcinia-Cambogia-fruitGarcinia Cambogia extracts are made by taking out the pulp and seeds, then breaking into pieces and keeping them out under sunlight for drying. It is dried for 3 to 4 days until it becomes soft. Later it is smoked by burning coconut shells, spread  below the  grating. It is then tied in a tight bag and kept for several months in a chimney under the influence of smoke from fire when cooking. In countries such as Thailand, Myanmar and Malasiya, people use them to make flavorful pickle. In India, Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit known as Malabar tamarind and people use them to make fish curries. Indians use them as a substitute to tamarind and it goes well in all curries. They can be used as a food preserver due to its antibacterial properties. They can preserve fish and in many villages, people make a pickle using it.

Availability of Garcinia

It grows well in the south along the western ghats and they are commonly grown at village homes for their personal use. The season of this fruit is mainly during the rainy months from June through August. The trees grow thickly with more fruits in evergreen forest. You can purchase the fresh fruits from the markets of Kerala and you will find so many outlets selling dried fruits packed properly in Kerala, India.

They are generally green when unripe and the color varies once ripened. The fruit turns red, yellow, orange and even brown in color once they ripen. Once they are dried, the fruit loses its glossy and the exterior will become brown color and tough. Pure Garcinia Cambogia extract is sour and acidic and they are good for the digestion process. Though the fruit has a bit a sweetness, the overwhelming sourness makes it impossible to eat raw.

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